Shiloh Gathering is making a difference!

We know that our biggest impact in this community is intangible, in the love and care we provide to those who are struggling.

Shiloh now ministers to the needs of 30-45 homeless, transient, or low-income individuals and families every week! We’re glad that we’ve begun to address this important need in our area. But there’s more work to be done!

But here are a few numbers to show how that care is translated into action:

  1. In the five months of March through July of 2017, Shiloh gave out 2687 meal boxes consisting of fruit, cheese, sandwiches and eggs.
  2. Since opening in October of 2016 Shiloh has given out over 1900 gallons of soup and over 1000 loaves of bread.
  3. To date (August 2017) we have distributed 96 jackets, 72 sleeping bags, 38 tents, 41 towels, and hundreds of pounds of hygiene items such as soap, toothpaste, and shampoo, as well as dozens of backpacks, shoes, and clothing items.
  4. Through the Community Benevolence Fund, we have provided numerous families with gas vouchers or furniture items, and have helped pay utility bills or rent.