Community Reviews

Terry Smith

My fiance and I were traveling the 1 and 101 north on vacation and we are from Tennessee. While driving through Lincoln city we had a blow out and wound up in their parking lot stuck in our rental car, that had no jack, no lug wrench, and no spare tire. The first person that offered to help us was Miss Martha. She was a God send. She, and the ladies that work with her let us use their jack and lug wrench to take the tire off. Then Miss Martha drove us to a tire shop there in town to get a new one and brought us back. We did not ask this of them, they offered. In a bad situation, she made us feel welcome and helped to make things better. I cannot thank her enough for what she done. Thank you for helping a stranger, thank you for caring.

Louise McFadden

Ron and I came to Shiloh because of a recommendation for a friend. This is such a delightful neighborhood place to visit with our community. As I understand, people who need free food get fed; those of us who can pay for food help support Shiloh. God is guiding Martha in her work. Bless her and the staff.

Diane Magnan

Shiloh the Gathering Place is a great place to eat and fellowship with others. There’s so much you could do: watch a movie, use the computer, play a game, listen to some music….just a nice home-like atmosphere. The food is great, and so are the friends! Thanks to Martha, Pam, Sue and all the others that volunteer there!

Amy Farhat

Such an inviting place with great food and fresh ground coffee. A great place to go hangout with a a friend, have a bite to eat and enjoy fellowship, or watch a movie. This is just the kind of ministry that Limcoln City needs, all are welcome! So come on and come all to check it out!!!

Karen Barnett

Warm, loving, inviting, blessed by God. Those who enter there know that they are cared about and welcomed to whatever they have to give or can offer them. Shiloh is a wonderful vision come to life, through the power of God working through its volunteers and founder. I am blessed to have been a part of it, even if it’s only in small, short, visits. Remember if you can’t do anything more than pray, then please know that, that is the greatest gift and time you can give them.

Betty Rudstrom

Really a great place to come to find friendship, a good meal, and good news!

Kara Swanton

Stopped in for lunch with a friend and it was delicious. Thank you for providing a comfy place to visit with friends.

Jet Hardin

Check it Out…Warm Atmosphere, friendly people and the food is so good…thanks to Pam and JoJo. New menu every week…bring a couple of friends for lunch andĀ support Pastor Martha c/o Shiloh The Gathering Place Ministries, Inc.