The Oregon Central Coast

It can be a challenging place to live.

While statistics are hard to come by, Lincoln County experiences more than its share of transient homelessness, and has far fewer resources to help these people than larger communities do. While some programs exist to address the needs of students and families, Shiloh fills an important gap in local services by providing food and help with other practical needs to those struggling to survive in our unique and challenging area.

  • In 2014, 15% of Lincoln County lived below the federal poverty line, with 22% of children living in poverty.
  • Lincoln County School District has the highest rate of student homelessness of any school district in the state of Oregon, with over 10% of its students in grades K-12 having no permanent residence.
  • 60% of children in Lincoln County live in single parent households.
  • Due to our tourist economy, the average cost of a meal in Lincoln County is significantly higher than state and national averages ($3.08 per meal in Lincoln County vs. $2.57 for the state and $2.67 nationally).
  • The child abuse/neglect rate in Lincoln County is 22 children per 1000, versus 12 per 1000 statewide. (Not accounting for unreported incidences)
  • By the 11th grade, 18% of Lincoln County youth have seriously considered suicide. The suicide death rate in our community is higher than the statewide average as well (30 per 100,000 vs. 25 per 100,000).

Source: Samaritan Health Services Community Health Assessment, 2014.